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Celebrate Juneteenth in Style! Introducing our Juneteenth Collection, inspired by rich history and vibrant culture. Embrace freedom and empowerment with our stunning designs that pay homage to this significant milestone for the culture. From bold prints to symbolic colors, our collection reflects the spirit of unity and resilience. Join us at EdgyChic Boutique and commemorate Juneteenth with fashion that makes a statement!

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Endless Summer Camo Dress
$ 29.99
Camo Cargo Overall Jumpsuit
$ 69.99
One Shoulder Colorful Jumpsuit
$ 50.00
It's the Juneteenth For Me
$ 35.00
Long Fringe Top
$ 25.00
Camo Demi Top
$ 59.99
Camo Flare Leg Jeans
$ 59.99
$ 79.99
Camo Gym JumpSuit
$ 59.99
Camo Stacked Denim Jeans
$ 59.99